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Here are some links referring to the information on the Video about the Earth's rotation slowing down and the increase in number of large earthquakes beginning in 2018.

01.Increase in Number of Earthquakes in 2018

02.Earth’s Rotation Slowing Down – Causing More Earthquakes

Here is a  link about a Volcanic Eruption.
Posted on 10/13/17

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1389.  Oil and the Holy Spirit.1389

2331.  Preparing Yourself for Heaven.2331

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Interfaith Religious Worship and the Antichrist and the Abomination of Desolation and the End of the World
This is a very important study, because it describes how the false religions of Christianity and Islam are being united into a religious practice that worships the Devil/Satan, of course who is Lucifer the ancient Dragon and Serpent of Sin...

There are still and will be some True Christian Local Assemblies/Churches that will be Worshiping correctly when the Lord returns and will not become part of this United Interfaith False Worship Movement. Make sure you are not among these false religious groups, because if you are truly a Saved Christian Believer, you will have to give an account to the Lord as to why you remain among this false religious movement. Get out of it and try to find a True Scriptural Local New Testament Assembly/Church to Worship in such as:  Zion Baptist Church of Northwest Arkansas

August 16, 2017
Some new pages are being added concerning Earth Geological Events. Perhaps they will help you become aware of the worldwide Earthquake and Volcanic Activity; including Cyclones, Hurricanes, Typhoons and other subjects.

Simply click on the link and it will open up to another page that also contains links to the original Website for more information.

A. Geological News:

D. Tsunami News:
01.  Tsunami News

E. Sinkholes News
01.  Sinkholes News

F. Sea and Waves Roaring

An expanded translation using 17 different English Translations and Greek Lexicons definitions:

And there shall be signs, tokens and wonders in the light of the sun; and in the moon; and in the constellation of the stars; and upon the whole earth anguish, anxiety and distress of nations, with a state of perplexity and mental loss; standing in doubtful confusion as what to do, being in a bewilderment, having no way out; because of the loud roaring of the sea and the waves being in a roaring vibration; men’s hearts failing them for fear and having an apprehension, an expectation and an arrival; looking after those things which are coming on the land of the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be moved and shaken. And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and abundant, great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then raise, look up and lift up your heads; for on this account, your deliverance and full redemption approaches and is drawing near.
Luke 21:25-28.
When the Great Tribulation Period begins to occur and for certainly, during the Wrath of God; which last for about 45 days at the End of this Time Period, there will be Great Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions on the Ocean Floor throughout the world, which will produce Tsunamis on a global scale. These events clearly are a description of these verses of Scripture. Nevertheless, there are other things that cause the "Sea and the Waves Roaring". These are Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons.

Here is a Video about a Hurricane. Be sure to take time to watch it. During the Great Tribulation Period and for sure during the Wrath of God, there probably will be massive numbers of Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons on a worldwide basis.

This Video is from:  www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers

01.  Worst Atlantic Hurricane Ever The Case for Irma


01. Cyclone Images, Waves and Destruction:
02. Hurricane Images, Waves and Destruction:
03.  Typhoon Images, Waves and Destruction:

G.  Drought
01. Drought

H.  Floods
01.  Floods
02.  Floods 2

I.  Earth Cracks

J.  Hunger 
01.  Hunger 

If you would like to listen to some Audio Bible Sermons
Please go to my other Website:   www.BibleSermonsMP3.com  

My message to Everyone!!! 

     Make better use of your Life, using whatever time you may have, directed more towards Biblical studies, Prayer and correct Godly Worship while you still have time, before you pass through the:
    If you are not careful, life will catch up with you... What I mean is simply this:  the days, weeks, months and years of your life passes by very slowly and you don't even notice it, then all of a sudden you are getting old and if you have not devoted it towards Bible Study, Prayer and Correct Godly Worship, then you have wasted your life and you cannot go back and start over!!! You have wasted, wasted, wasted your life...

     The truly sad thing about all of this, is most people will not take to heart a statement like this. In other words, you will really have to make your own choice and I suggest you get started on making the right one... If you don't believe me, then start talking to elderly people, who are in their 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's+ years and go visit some grave yards on a daily or weekly basis and you will realize, your day of departure from this earth will soon come to pass...

      Added On October 1, 2016:  Here are some Amazing Videos about Earthquakes, Volcanoes and the Universe. First of all, the Earthquake and Volcano Videos will help you better understand how the “Great Tribulation Period” will affect your life…

Second, the Universe Videos will help you realize, there is so very much more to your existence than what you have on this Earth… But you have to base it on Faith from the Knowledge of the Holy Bible… There is no other way!!!

01.Introduction to Earthquakes

02.Introduction to Volcanoes

03.Introduction to the Galaxies

04.The Inflation of the Universe

05.How Big is the Sky

06.Introduction to the Life of Stars

This “Ring of Fire” video will help you understand how the Earth will produce the Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and the Tsunamis that will be the main effects of the Great Tribulation Period and presented in the Holy Bible.

07.Ring of Fire

Here is a Video I added my Website. It is sightly improved in quality.

Volcanic Fire at www.Tribulation101.com


The Following are Videos about “Volcanic Fire and Lightning” .

A large portion of the “Great Tribulation Period” events will be associated with “Volcanic” activity.

Here is a Link to my other Website that contains Links to Videos about Volcanic Eruptions. The Videos will help you understand the overall concept of how Volcanoes will play a part in the "Great Tribulation Period".

Here is the Link:  Volcano Links

01.Volcanic Fire and Brimstone

02.Volcanic Fire and Lava

03.Volcano Lightning Fire

04.Volcanic Eruption of Fire and Lava

#04 was actually 10 short Videos and I added them together and made the Video into High-definition quality.

All of the 10 short Videos are from:   Volcano News from: Volcano Discovery

05.Mount Sinabung Volcano

The following link details Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Watch. The Videos are very good!!!


Here are some Links to Earth related subjects and Videos about the "Tribulation Period" topic.
Perhaps they will help you understand what is happening throughout the world.

Most people don't think anything is really happening throughout the world with regards to the "Tribulation Period" type events and generally never will, until it actually happens to them.

Sooner or later these type of events will become more worldwide and we will know for sure, "It is the Tribulation Period" as was foretold thousands of years ago!!!

The Following 12 Videos are very interesting and I think are worth watching.
They are from:

Suspicious 0bservers YouTube Videos

Just click on the Title and it will open up to the Video.

I added them to my account server, so you can view it without the distractions of other Videos, etc…


02.The Next Ice Age – An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon

03.Top 6 Climate Change Problems

04.The Sun is Going to Sleep

05.Why Global Warming Failed _ Why Climate Change is Real

06.The 1 Risk To Earth

07.Our World is Changing Looking Beyond the Year 2012

08.Solar System Shift

09.The Coming Solar Cycle(s)

10.Your Most Asked Questions

11.Your Questions on Earth’s Magnetic Reversal

12.Magnetic Field of the Earth

  One of the Purposes of the Great Tribulation Period

Revelation 11: [15] And the seventh angel sounded;… [18] And shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. [19] …and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.


Revelation 11:18.   The Greek Text:

  καὶ διαφθεῖραι τοὺς διαφθείροντας τὴν γῆν


In Revelation 11:18, the Greek word for the second English word “destroy” has to do with morality. With an in-depth study from the New Testament Greek language, this phrase can be translated as:

{and destroy and bring to ruin, causing them to perish, to kill them, which destroy by morally corrupting the occupants of the earth and have caused the inhabitants to become thoroughly rotten, by changing their minds and morals for the worse.}


Here are my Websites:  When I first started each Website, they contained different studies, but I have decided to add all the same studies to each Website; in order to help expand the coverage of these topics of which I believe they are of great value, since it is possible, we will enter the Great Tribulation Period and witness the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the years ahead; even if it is not very soon, at least you will have increased your knowledge of the Biblical teaching concerning these subjects.

I have put the Audio Bible Sermons on this Website:  www.BibleSermonsMP3.com  .

These Websites have the Bible Teachings:








Website Index
On February 19, 2017; I put the Website Index on the front page below. Perhaps this will help you find some of the studies on this Website easier. Each of these studies are individual pages. Simply click on the title and it will open up to that particular page and study.

I would like to say to all Christian Believers: Don't be afraid to Learn Something New About The WORD of GOD... I have noticed a great many Christian Believers throughout my 57 years of life, Refuse to take even a step towards Learning More about the WORD of GOD. Often times, they are under the impression; They already know everything about the Bible or else, they will only listen to "Their Pastor," as if no one else is allowed to teach them. This attitude is a very serious error; because You do not know everything and your Pastor does not know everything. You, the Pastor, Myself and every Christian Believer should be eager to continue to Learn as much Truthful infomation about the Bible... Don't be a "Baby Christian Believer" all of your "Adult Christian Life"...

The following studies are from the "Prophecy Section 2" on this Website.
How Large is the Antichrist's Kingdom?,  Hosea's 1,000 Year Days
Alive and Coming Soon to Rule and Reign
The Remnant of Israel,  Middle East Events,  Arab Nations Attack Israel
Remnant of Messiah,  Nuclear Weapons
War Contingency Plan,  1, 260 Days,  Islamic Conglomerate,  Negev Wilderness
Fossil WatersAll Nations of the World
Nation of Israel,  Peace and Safety,  Islamic Jihad,  Koran,  Holy War
Catholic Beliefs,  Pope,  Sons of God
Pestilences,  Famine,  Middle East Peace,  House of Israel
Jewish Graveyard,  Valley of Dry Bones,  I Am The Lord
Messiah the Prince,  Land of Magog,  Meshech and Tubal
Syrian Antichrist,  The Gentile Age,  Peace with Security
Sheba and Dedan,  Islamic Terrorists,  Jacob's Trouble
Arabah Fault,  Islamic Leaders,  Blitzkrieg Strike into Israel
Antichrist's Army,  Attack of Gog,  Trouble Times in the Nation of Israel
Run To and Fro,  Watch the Terrorists Groups
Middle East Zone,  Armageddon War,  Battle of Armageddon
The Glorious Land,  Jihad - Holy War,  Arab Nations
Islamic Neighbors,  Syria, Iran and Iraq,  Antichrist in Cairo,
Egypt,  Jerusalem Temple,  European Common Market
Desolation of Jerusalem,  Seventy Weeks of Years,  Kingdom of God
Lightning Jihad,  Security is Safety
Besieged by their Enemies,  The Terrorists Groups
O' Daughter of Troops,  Israel's Messiah

The following studies are from the "Prophecy Section 14" on this Website.

The following studies are from the "Prophecy Section 30" on this Website.

From:  Bible Study Section 11

From:  Bible Study Section 12

From:  Bible Study Section 13 & 14


From:  Bible Study Section 14


From:  Bible Study Section 15


From:  Bible Study Section 16


From:  Tribulation 01, 02, 03, 04, & 05

#14 Noisome and Grievous Sores
#18 Therefore Hell hath Enlarged Herself
#19 The Valley of Decision
#20 God Slowly Forms a Great Valley
#21 God Suddenly Makes a Great Valley
#22 God Forms a Dry Highway
#23 God Smites the Great Euphrates
#24 God Restructures the Jordan Valley
#25 God Lifts His Land and His City
#26 God Forms a Spring on a Temple Mount
#27 God Digs a River Bed
#28 God Divides the Great City
#29 God Splits a River
#30 God Heals the Eastern Sea
#31 God Weaves a Breadbasket
#32 God Waters His Breadbasket
#33 God Fills His Breadbasket
#34 How Large is the Antichrist’s Kingdom?
#35 Hosea’s 1000 Year Days
#36 Alive and Coming Soon to Rule and Reign

The following are some additional studies that might be of interest to someone viewing my Website:

Beginning November 1, 2016
If I add any new studies, I will try to remember to add a link to the page just below here:
01.  A Beautiful, Praiseworthy and Worthy Work
02.  To The True Christian Believers in the United States
03.  Day of Evaluation

04.  A Junky Generation
05.  Name of the LORD
06.  Dispensational Transition
07.  Preach the Word
08.  The Volcanic Burning of the Vatican City
09.  Ungodly Humanity Blaspheme the Name of the True God of Heaven
10.  Islam is the Religion of the Antichrist
11.  Earthquake Increase Charts
12.  Interfaith Worship and The Abomination of Desolation and the End of the World
13.  New Tribulation Period Bible Studies
14.  New Tribulation Period Studies 2

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